Ephesians 4:4-12

Sunday, October 30,

Stephen Caldwell

Ephesians 4:4-12


  1. We all are
    united under the “list of ones” that Paul gives us.

  2. Despite the
    differences in all of our lives we are united in these “ones.”


  1. Our gifts are
    not dependent on our worthiness, but rather His grace.


  1. The gifts are
    given to build Christ’s Church – so that it’s members will be
    fully equipped to carry out God’s calling in their lives. We are
    all called to be ministers/servants.

  2. Evangelist –
    a church planter or missionary

  3. Pastor – A
    Shepard, Christ being the example of the perfect Shepard of the

  4. ref: 1 Peter 5
    – Serve willingly, serve eagerly; acting on the desires God has
    put in your heart.

Is your desire to
follow Christ in your own life?

We must pray.

Sunday, September
25, 2016

Stephen Caldwell

1 Peter 4:7 – We
must pray.

We need to
pray because of our Adversary:

  1. “But the end
    of all things is at hand…” – The return of Christ is near. We
    must pray because His return reminds us that there are many on the
    threshold of hell.

  2. Ref:
    Revelation 3:14-16 – A great danger to the church is mediocrity.
    Taking for granted all that God has given us. Increase in
    toleration of sin. – If that is the case then ultimately we have
    become mediocre as individuals.

  3. When is the
    last time you asked God to revive your zeal for Him?

We need to
pray because of our Ability:

  1. You (the Christian) have been granted access to pray to God.

  2. We are limited in our ability, we must be dependent on God.

We MUST pray!

What to pray

  • Charlotte NC Community– Pastors, Churches, Police

  • Vicar’s Chapel – revive us, stir up zeal within us, “start with
    you (me)”, use us