Philippians 1:6 & 21 – He will keep his children.

Sunday, January 15, 2016

Stephen Caldwell

Philippians 1:6 & 21 – He will keep his children.


  1. To live is Christ, to die is gain. – Paul simplifies life.


  1. Whatever God starts, He will finish.

  2. If you have been born again you can have this confidence.

  3. If you are lost, then you only have confidence in meeting God and then departing from Him for eternity. Do not let your pride or the things of this life keep you from eternal life in Jesus Christ.

  4. If you are not in Christ Jesus, you do not have this promise.

  5. Come to Christ, or if you are in Christ, he will not cast you out. (John 6:37)

Three things:

He will keep you, He will sanctify you and He will empower you.

Matthew 6 – “Affection, Allegiance and Anxiety”

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stephen Caldwell

Matthew 6 – “Affection, Allegiance and Anxiety”

Our Affections


Where is your treasure at this year?

Our Allegiance


Who have you been serving, who have you been living for?

“There are only two choices on the shelf; pleasing God or pleasing self.”

Our Anxieties


The greatest challenge you might face this year will be to live by faith.

Do you believe that God is good? That He will take care of you? That He is faithful?


Do not be consumed with the problems of tomorrow.

You need to trust God for today.

Are you trusting God today?

Acts 1:6-9 – “Your mission.”

Sunday, October 1

Stephen Caldwell

Acts 1:6-9 – “Your

v6 – Why are they
asking “at this time?”

  1. Jesus just rose
    from the dead.

  2. They want to
    know when is this Heaven on Earth they have heard about is going to

v7 – Jesus wants
them to keep their focus.

  1. His business vs
    our business.

v8 – What they are
(you are) to focus on.

  1. “But ye” –
    contrasts the things of God vs the things they (you)
    are to be concerned with.

  2. Distractions to
    our focus: Posessions, Politics, Hobbies, Jobs, Families, etc..

  3. Your
    (singular, personal) priority is to go into all the world and spread
    the Gospel.

  4. There is no
    exemption from this command for those who are saved.

  5. You receive the
    power through the Holy Ghost … God goes with you wherever you are.

v9 – They have a
mission yet to accomplish

  1. This is the
    reason He is ascending and they are left standing.

Our mission field is
wherever we are. Start at home, then to work and then to all the

The responsibility
doesn’t lie on the shoulders of Christianity in general, but the
Christian in person.

Why stand ye looking
up into Heaven?