“Make a bold stand.”

June 26, 2016

Numbers 13:25-30, Numbers 14:6-9

1.) Who would we have been like if we had been there?

    a.) We need people willing to stand despite the circumstances.

    b.) How are we acting now?

2.) Are you more willing to please God or man in your life?

    a.) We live in a land where we have not been tested to the limit.

        However, we are all tested in pleasing God or pleasing self.

    b.) Examples of faith; their one focus was to please God!

3.) What does the fear of man do?

    a.) We see “the obstacle” as too large, unwilling to step out of our “comfort zone.”

    b.) We misinterpret our own present situation and our own past.

    c.) We forget or reject about or misinterpret God and His ability.

4.) The Church needs people like Caleb and Joshua.

    a.) God is right in his promises of goodness.

    b.) To make a bold stand one must know the goodness and graciousness of God.