Our need to see God as He is.

Sunday, July 3, 2016 – God and Country Day

Isaiah 6

1.) Our society is broken

    a.) What used to be, moral decay, etc..

2.) The Church needs a glimpse of what Isaiah saw: a vision of God.

    a.) God on His throne; a reminder of His soveriengty.

    b.) His train filled the temple; extent of His rule is universal.

    c.) His majesty; the angelic beings covering their face and feet in His prescence.

    d.) His holiness

    e.) His glory fills the whole earth — Have you shaken at His Word?

3.) The response of seeing God

    a.) Subordination:  “Woe is me.” – I am unfit, undone, cursed, ..

    b.) Confession:  Isaiah’s greatest gift left him undone; his righteousness was as filty rags.

    c.) Zeal to serve God.